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How Cognovis Group Can Help You

We don’t do everything; we just do a few things — all of it focused on empowering one of your most valuable resources – your people – to better engage, inform, and support your strategic initiatives. Most of our engagements are flat-fee and fixed duration. If you see a way we can help your organization visit our Contact page and let’s talk.

Here’s what we can do for you…

COMPETE Management ProcessCompetition Optimized Management Process for External Threat Engagement — Where do threats to your organization originate? Does your front-line staff know how to actively help you monitor the competitive environment? Do your middle managers have processes in place to efficiently and effectively manage competitive information? Could your team player culture be causing people to avoid raising valid objections to new initiatives? COMPETE is designed to address these issues and instill a positive competitive culture throughout your organization. In today’s fast-changing environment can you afford not to COMPETE?

COMPETE has been developed from proven competitive intelligence techniques used by the largest and most successful companies in the world, but designed and optimized to bring the advantages of a positive, engaged competitive culture to the small and mid-sized enterprise.

COMPETE Maturity Model thumbnailCOMPETE Maturity Appraisal — Did you have trouble answering any of the questions above? Not sure where you fall in terms of having a positive competitive culture across the organization? Or maybe you’re just not sure if, or how, COMPETE can help you create a lasting competitive advantage? An appraisal against our COMPETE Maturity Model may be the best place to start. Like any critical process, COMPETE is only as good as the metrics you use to measure it. Our Maturity Model Appraisal walks you through the five stages of maturity, then looks at your capability level across four key measurement areas at each stage. Each step up the maturity scale raises your competitive competency and pushes you further toward full organizational involvement.

Our appraisals are quick and affordable and can help you see not only where you are, but where you need to be and show you how to get there. Conducted through a standardized set of surveys, data collection, and face-to-face interviews, the appraisal will provide a ground-level assessment of how your organization sees, hears, understands and operates on your competitive strategy within the competitive environment.

Essential Business War GamesEssential Business War Games — Research indicates that well-designed role-play simulations can more than double (from 30% to 60%) the accuracy of projections when compared to expert opinion, yet they are rarely used by companies outside the Fortune 500. Essential Business War Games are a low-tech, low-cost simulation approach that’s easy to learn and implement. These engaging and realistic simulation exercises are the best way to stress-test plans, strategies and ideas before you commit major resources. Everything from sales and marketing campaigns to major strategic initiatives can, and should, be war gamed.

Our approach encourages realistic objections and strengthens buy-in by fully engaging teams in the application of your strategy. Once you’ve learned the basics you can use them across your organization to test, modify, and improve all your plans and strategies.

360-degree Discovery360-degree Sales Discovery and Alignment Coaching — Do you have an MQL vs. SQL problem? That’s Marketing Qualified Leads vs. Sales Qualified Leads, and too often sales and marketing don’t align on what qualifies as “qualified”. Building a strong discovery process with a feedback loop to marketing can often lead to greater collaboration and efficiency for both. Improving the discovery skills of field-level, customer-facing employees can also improve close ratios for sales, as well as identify hidden customer needs. It’s also a critical skill set for those implementing competitive management across the organization. In a recent informal study a group of sales managers reported that only 10% of their staff had good or excellent discovery skills, while 70% of the staff believed they had good skills, but didn’t.

Our Sales Discovery and Preparation Coaching can help sales and service staff understand what to look for, where to look, how to recognize important information, and what to do with it. This minimizes redundant effort, improves efficiency, enhances reaction time, and increases effectiveness in front of the customer.

Custom Competitive Research and AnalysisStrategic and Competitive intelligence and Analysis — Strategic and competitive intelligence and analysis are distinctly different from market research. The two are often confused, and there may be overlap in some areas, but each has a different focus, different methods, and different activities. A mature COMPETE organization will likely need less outside assistance, but reliable third-party views are always helpful. Perhaps you’re just beginning to feel the need for strong competitive analysis, or maybe you need short-term resources to meet a pressing deadline. Either way our experienced, certified Competitive Intelligence analyst can help you and your staff identify, understand, and act on the key competitive insights that you need to stay ahead of the competition.

If what you’re looking for is outside our area of expertise we’ll say so, and likely direct you to someone that can help. And when we’re done you’ll have a clear, understandable summary of what we discovered, with informative visual representations and concise analysis.

These are just a few of the ways we can help your business. Visit our Contact page and let’s get started making sure you stay ahead of the competition.


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